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China Aims To Conclude Space Station Construction In 2022

Reportedly, China aims to complete the assembly of a space station and place it into operation in 2022, stated Zhou Jianping—Chief Designer of China’s crewed space program—during a forum in Guangdong province. The space station is developed to weigh 100 Tons and provide accommodation to three astronauts, which can be expanded if required, as per to Zhou. During the 4th China Summit Forum at Sun Yat-sen University, Zhou said, “The main objective of the structure of the space station is to facilitate China to become a nation separately mastering the expertise for long-duration crewed flight in near-Earth space, and equipped with the ability to conduct long-term crewed scientific trials in near-Earth space and inclusive development and use of space resources.”

The space station would be constructed as China’s major platform for space science research, with the intentions of mastering the governing in constructing and operating huge space facilities, the technologies that assure life and health of astronauts who frequently fly in the orbit and the construction of a countrywide space lab, as reported by Zhou.

On a similar note, earlier, China unveiled the experiment for landing on the red planet. China in recent time disclosed an experiment imitating the process of investigating soaring, avoiding obstacles and landing on Mars. The trial was carried on a testing ground—which is biggest in Asia for ordeal landing on extraterrestrial bodies—in north China’s Hebei province. In 2020, China intends to lift off the Mars probe targeting to complete revolving, landing and rambling in one operation, an exceptional achievement, as per the CNSA (China National Space Administration). Seemingly, the safe landing on Mars is one of the major challenges the astronauts are facing in the mission. The trial imitated the gravity of Mars—which is about one-third of the gravity on the Earth—for testing the design of the lander.

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