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Blood Test Can Detect A Fatal Eye Melanoma And A Benign Mole

Reportedly, a simple blood test can soon become the new monitoring tool for the untimely identification of melanoma in the eye. The scientists from the UQ (University of Queensland) discovered blood markers that can distinguish between a melanoma and a benign mole, while also recognizing if cancer has progressed to other regions of the body. Dr. Mitchell Stark—from the UQ’s Diamantina Institute—said that the blood test can monitor very early symptoms of the disease. Dr. Stark said, “This blood test is capable of detecting the difference amid a melanoma in the eye and a benign mole situated at the back of the eye. The test also has the prospective to demonstrate if the melanoma has metastasized and developed to other parts of the body.”

He said, “Naevi or moles in the eye are ordinary, but can be tricky to monitor since alterations to their shape or coloring cannot always be observed as easily as on the skin. The outcomes are negative for people having melanoma in their eyes if their cancer develops to the liver. Given that having mole or naevi in the eye is quite common, this test might allow us to screen better these patients for untimely signs of melanoma formation.” This study is an evolution of research carried by Dr. Stark from QIMR Berghofer, where the group of biomarkers was first advanced and utilized to identify melanoma on the skin.

Similarly, the UQ was in the news as its researchers discovered the brain circuits that quickly sense friend or foe. Scientists have found the brain circuits that facilitate fast detection of emotions like happiness and anger, providing understandings into disorders like psychosis and anxiety. The UQ study found three important constituents in the rapid processing of feelings to quickly distinguish a friend or enemy—which is the ability necessary to survival.

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