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Illiterates Are Found To Be At A Higher Risk Of Developing Dementia

Learning, reading, and writing have been found to help reduce the chances of dementia in public while one is growing old. According to Columbia University researchers, the people who do not do their schooling are more at risk of having dementia in the long run. The scientists have performed various tests of the memory, language, and visual or spatial abilities in patients using standard dementia diagnosis criteria. Thus, the new study showed the illiterates to perform worse in the tests. The new study shows the brain to decline during the latter part of life in the illiterate section as their cognitive function is found to be low.

The educational attainment is found to be linked to better health outcomes and thus, the major goal is to help spread literacy. In today’s era, it is important to maintain brain health during their golden years. The researchers want to help people who quit school—due to personnel issues—to opt for adult literacy courses to avoid developing dementia later on in life. Many of the countries will have to rethink their educational policies to help people keep their brains healthy. The US policymakers will have to make their educational norms stringent. The positive effects of learning on the mind compared to exercising can be well understood through the new study.

Likewise, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Health PEI have conducted a study using the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics approach (AUA). The researchers found the reduction in antipsychotic drug use to help review the appropriateness of the medications and also to develop individualized care plans with substitute activities for the patient. Lowering the use of antipsychotics in nursing homes was found to help investigate skilled nursing providers and federal officials in the US. Thus, the causes of behavioral or underlying issues in dementia mentioned can be studied through this method.

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