Virus In California's Printing House Impacts Production Of Several Newspapers

Virus In California’s Printing House Impacts Production Of Several Newspapers

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The experts are under the notion that a malware attack is preventing the production of many newspapers, which also includes the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal.

The computer system of printing plant belonging to Southern California from the Tribune Publishing is believed to have been attacked, due to which the difficulty has arisen. Jeff Light has also confirmed the same while adding that the systems are being shared by the Union-Tribune and the Times. The Publisher and editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune also mentioned that the system may affect the entire system severely. Also, he has confirmed that the technology teams on behalf of both the companies had progressed significantly against the threat. However, they failed to clear all the obstructions before the press time. He has also committed to restoring the comprehensive system very soon while making their journalism available both in digital and print media.

The problem intensified as the virus had elaborated to all the critical systems that are necessary to publish the newspaper in the versions of the Wall Street Journal and Southern California.

In recent years, the malware has become a general weapon for a large handful of organizations, used against the banks, hospitals, and also government institutions.

The administrators weren’t sure whether the officials from the law enforcement were informed of the casualty or not. On one hand, the representatives from the Tribune Publishing didn’t respond to the actions while the Los Angeles Times was not aware of any additional comment and information regarding the same.

Joe Robidoux, the director of distribution for the Tribune Publishing mentioned that the print subscribers must get the papers of Saturday delivered along with the edition of Sunday. The administrators are expecting the malware attack is under control and may not impact the newspapers further.