Up And Downs Of Google, Tesla, Pepsico in 2018

Up And Downs Of Google, Tesla, Pepsico in 2018

Business Headlines

From memorable tweets of Trump to market upheavals and natural disasters like tsunamis and volcanoes 2018 had it all. Here are some of the most influential market movers that managed to capture headlines.

President Trump was not joking when he announced “I am a tariff man”. Besides announcing tariffs on Europe and other long term trade partners, Trump’s $250 billion worth tariffs on China were the most damaging as they led to retaliatory tariffs from the other side. Besides causing a negative impact on American farmers and businesses the tariff has created turmoil in financial markets.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to finally testify before US Congress and answer both relevant and irrelevant questions of House Judiciary Committee

2018 will be forever etched in the public’s memory for the skeletons that tumbled out of social media giant Facebook’s cupboard. Besides being accused of election meddling, the platform has been accused of giving access to users’ data to marketers and partners for a profit. It also was under media scanner for several instances of data breaches and also spreading falsehoods about people that denounced Facebook. With ethical groups and Congressmen from US and UK urging founder Mark Zuckerberg to testify he was forced to vow to correct the social network by end of this year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also had to eat humble pie and step down as chairman of the firm he created for his remarks on Twitter stating that he will make the firm private again. While this led to shares of the firm soaring upwards it also prompted SEC to accuse Musk with misleading investors and slapping fines of $20 million each on both Tesla and Musk.

Pepsico’s CEO Indra Nooyi stepped down after 12 years as one of corporate world’s first woman CEO’s and was grateful for the opportunity given to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Besides visiting grocery stores on a weekly basis during her tenure she helped people make healthy snack choices.