Computer Firm In Livingston, UK Outs 310 Workers

Computer Firm In Livingston, UK Outs 310 Workers

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Livingston based computer factory has announced that it will remove 300+ workers from its factory in West Lothian. Their Administrator informed the staff about the management decision about closure of their Livingston factory in the beginning of the week.

The firm’s administrators from KPMG also stated that they are hoping to find a buyer for the plant and told staffers last week that their employers will not pay expected wages before Christmas. They also said that due to losses, lack of orders and cost of running the factory’s operations they had no options but to make its employees redundant.

The 28 remaining employees of the firm would be used to help the administrators transition a smooth sale once they find a buyer. Employees that were laid off and not given any wages for two to three months reported that when they came for work this week they were just given details about how to claim wages and benefits from the dole and no money. Joint Administrator Blair Nimmo admitted that the situation is challenging specially during festival times so they are working with all affected employees and Scottish Enterprise, Skills, Development Scotland and West Lothian Council to offer full support.

He added that Scottish Government’s partnership framework that responds to redundancy situations has already been mobilized to deal with the situation and employees can go there to seek help. The team is also liaising with British government to ensure that redundancy payments are in sync with Insolvency Service. Livingston MP Hannah Bardell has pledged that all effort would be taken to find jobs for Kaiam’s workers and it was really shameful that the firm had not sought help earlier. Kaiam was given £ 850,000 grant in 2014 to relocate its production from China to Livingston. Local citizens and business firms led by Emma Black whose parent was employed by Kaiam has helped to bring funds to Kaiam’s employees that missed out on their Christmas salary.