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A Top US Weapons Customer, The UAE, Is Developing Defense Capabilities

Reportedly, one of the major offshore consumers of American-manufactured weapons—the UAE—is spending in a gigantic effort to develop its own military capabilities. At the Dubai Air Show, Faisal al Bannai—CEO of Edge (which is a newly established national defense group)—said to CNBC, “We certainly enjoy amazing associations with several countries across the globe, and we have several strong associates that support us in our defense. But at the end of the day, like any country, when its own security is considered, every country wants to make sure it has control on very definite security capabilities. And one area is we are developing these capabilities to make sure that for vital technologies, UAE has the independent capability.”

Al Bannai didn’t indicate how much the country is spending in its national defense push. Established this month, Edge merges 22 private companies with the administration-owned EDIC (Emirates Defence Industries Company), the EAIG (Emirates Advanced Investments Group), and Tawazun Holding. It has been projected that around 12,000 people will be employed. Seemingly, the U.S. sells billions of dollars valued weapons, training, and other safekeeping assistance to the UAE and its Gulf associates. But it retains strict supervision over some technologies—like the F-35 fighter jet and lethal drones—owing to rigorous U.S. export laws and a long-established policy of presenting Israel with a “qualitative military edge” within the Middle East.

On a similar note, earlier, the UAE had established a defense firm to aid in tackling the cyberthreats. A new defense company, known as Edge was established in an attempt to develop technologies to assist in thwarting cyberattacks and ward off military drones. The declaration was made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan—Abu Dhabi Crown Prince—and who is acting deputy supreme leader of the armed forces.

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