Men With Colitis, Crohn’s At High Cancer Risk

Men With Colitis, Crohn’s At High Cancer Risk

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Latest study reveals that men who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease run greater risks of getting effected by prostate cancer. Approximately 1 million men in the United States are on the verge of this risk since they are mostly suffering either from colitis of the ulcer or Crohn’s disease.

Medical expert Doctor Shilajit Kundu said that these patients need to be handled with much more care than ordinary patients since they are extremely prone to risks. The diagnosis for prostate cancer begins with a blood test named Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test which looks for figuring out the levels of PSA in the prostate. If an elevated amount is found to be released by the gland, the patient runs risk of prostate cancer.

The study has come out with results after analyzing and following two separate groups for 18 years. One group consisted of 1,000 men who had inflammatory bowel disease and another group of 9,300 men who did not suffer from any such disease. Those in the former group had 4-5 times higher chances of developing prostate cancer since the PSA levels were relatively or very high. The latter group was however saved in that regard. This does not definitely mean that the bowel disease is the reason behind the cancer. But certainly enough, both of them are quite interlinked.

Often, Kundu said that doctors suffer from the misconception to consider rise in PSA level to be a normal inflammatory condition. That can lead the patient towards more danger because he was not diagnosed of the actual disease beforehand. Thus, doctors should be more careful enough in testing and finding out the real cause behind the inflammation – is it just the bowels or has it worsened already?

This data alone has been received after a study for many years and its treatment could not be found out yet.