Google Maps To Show Lime's Scooters, e Bikes As Traveling Options In 13 Cities

Google Maps To Show Lime’s Scooters, e Bikes As Traveling Options In 13 Cities

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Electric scooters that have been prevalent in the streets of the United States for two years now have entered a territory that is well charted: Google Maps.

This means that the commuters across the 13 cities around the globe will see e bikes, pedal bikes and e-scooters as an option for transit besides the regular ones such as walking, car, bike, and bus. Thanks to the partnership with Lime, Google will now show the electric bikes as an option, and these are going to be new alternatives for travel.

This partnership was announced through a blog post by Google and it said of the rental services offered by Lime as a way of solving the ‘last mile’ issue.

The product manager of Maps, Vishal Dutta, provided an example where this new feature could be of use. He said that if you have got down your train and you are just 7 minutes away from the meeting, walking could take around 15 minutes. That is where Lime comes in, which can help cover such distances quickly.

This partnership followed the investment by the Google Ventures into Lime through the funding round of $335 million which was announced in July. The rival to Lime, Bird, have also raised significant money in funding, the companies together have raised $870 million in funding. This is due to the increased number of tech giants and VC’s showing interests in start-ups that provide short rental services to attract riders quickly.

If any of the vehicles of Lime are available in the surrounding, Google Maps will estimate the time required for the vehicles to reach and also the total time it will take the complete the journey. The estimated fare will also be shown on the screen and to use the bike, and users will have to unlock them through the Lime App.