Ghosting Workers and Harassed Employers in Tight Labor Market

Ghosting Workers and Harassed Employers in Tight Labor Market

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Times keep changing. Currently, the job market is booming and workers are decreasing. Silent exits by workers are on the increase.

Ghosting is now becoming predominant. Workers just absent themselves from work without any notice. Employers are not able to contact them at all. When workers suddenly stop going to work, employers are left floundering.

In the Beige Book Report released for the month of December, this finding was provided by Chicago’s Federal Reserve Bank.

Ghosting is a familiar word in the dating world. But now it is becoming common at workplaces too. It is a new technique wherein employees quit their work without prior information and just vanish into thin air.

It was only recently that jobs were hard to find and candidates were forced to quit without an explanation. But now ghosting is the new experience that employers face.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has confirmed that workers quitting their jobs are on the increase. It was 2.4 percent in May 2018 while it was 1.3 percent in May 2010.

 Another data that supports this finding is the unemployment rate which is at an 18-year low.  Workers are able to find an alternate job easily and they just switch jobs if they find a better one or if they do not like the present job. The unemployment rate has moved on to a 49-year low which is at 3.7 percent.

In China, ghosting was a common problem in the previous decade when there was an excessive growth rate and they were in the same situation where employees just don’t show up.

James Cooper from Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn, says that employees are restless and young and create such a scenario.

Workers prefer to avoid an awkward conversation with their employers and ghosting is an easy way out, especially as an alternate job is easy to find, say economists. It is the tight labor market in America say, analysts.