Google Needs To Substitute Your Radio As Source For Audio News

Google Needs To Substitute Your Radio As Source For Audio News

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You will soon be capable of listening to an audio news playlist composed by Google Assistant. This will be done to inform you on the subjects that you are interested in. The latest Assistant feature by Google employs AI to assist make these tailored news packages, and it is available for limited users this week.

The audio news playlist will be made within no time after you ask for one. It begins with a quick briefing of present trending stories and any minor updates on related topics. You are also capable of asking to hear longer articles that are 2–15 Minutes long. Stories that measure more than 15 Minutes are infrequent. Till now, no ads or music are permitted inside the stories, and publications cannot employ profanity either, compliant with FCC regulations, as per Google.

Google is evaluating the new function to having an always-accessible radio to read you the stories. It joined hands with publishers all over the world, comprising South China Morning Post, The Associated Press, and The Hollywood Reporter.

On a related note, a shift in the manner Google ranks and views web pages might be sending extra traffic to news publishers in an extension of a trend that began in early 2017. Earlier, Google shifted to mobile-first indexing. This indicated that Google’s bots began crawling via sites as they were seeing them via handsets instead of desktop devices.

Since that modification and other updates that seemed at mobile page accelerated, Google claimed that it discovered 71% of the almost 10,000 publishers witnessed an elevation in traffic that arrived via Google search. In comparison to the earlier month, News Publishers also found a 10% elevation in the volume of Google traffic arriving on their websites from mobile handsets, but an 8% drop in desktop traffic arriving from Google.