Huawei Claims Budget 5G Handsets

Huawei Claims Budget 5G Handsets To Be Available After Signing 22 Deals

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Huawei, the Chinese telecom gear maker, claimed that it has inked 22 commercial deals for 5G, and is operating with more than 50 carriers on 5G commercial trials.

BG Ryan Ding, the firm’s president of Carrier and executive director, claimed that leading phone manufacturers will roll out budget handsets (with a price tag of almost US$100) soon after the commercial launch of 5G networks, boosting the 5G sector forward.

Huawei Claims Budget 5G Handsets

“5G handsets will be accessible next year, comprising 5G foldable handsets that will generate whole new experiences for consumers,” he claimed, adding that 5G is leading in a new epoch for ICT and has the capability to elevate connection abilities by 10 times.

“5G will convey unprecedented growth avenues to the mobile sector. 5G specs aim on eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) and will encourage consumers to use more data, since they can do more with their connectivity. 5G will offer elevated bandwidth for users,” he said.

On a related note, Huawei is operating in tandem with network providers and other businesses for the deployment of 5G. The firm earlier verified the roll out month of its next 5G handset. Even though the handset manufacturer has disclosed that it will be rolling out a 5G smartphone in 2019, now it has claimed that its first ever 5G handset will be arriving in June 2019. This is right at the time when OnePlus launches its flagship smartphone. Huawei further claimed that the new handset will be fueled by a 5G-supported Kirin processor. The details were not disclosed though.

It is worth stating that Huawei will be in stiff rivalry with other companies aiming to roll out 5G handset by 2019. OnePlus has already verified the launch of a 5G-supported handset in 2019. The Chinese tech mammoth will also be vying in the processor market since Qualcomm has verified its plans to roll out a 5G handset-ready processor by 2019.