Black Workers At Tesla Describe Discrimination And Racism

Black Workers At Tesla Describe Discrimination And Racism

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More than two dozen former and current black employees at Tesla are defining racial discrimination in a media investigation this week that seeks into the firm’s Fremont plant. The complaints vary from being forced to clean the factory floors, banned from promotions, and allege that supervisors have instructed racial slurs at workers.

The accusations come from a series of internal communications, interviews, and legal statements obtained by the media. Tesla refuses that the plant is a hub for racial discrimination, and claims that there is not a pattern of harassment and discrimination at the Fremont plant. “Tesla is against all types of harassment, discrimination, and unfair treatment, and we strive to offer a respectful environment at work for all workers and do our best to avoid misbehavior,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is declaring new policies around diversity and sexual harassment, following a global employee protest earlier. The new rules reflect requirements from the protestors, who had a meeting with the Google leadership earlier. “We identify that we have not always gotten everything correct earlier and we are genuinely apologetic for that. It is obvious we require making some modifications,” claimed CEO Sundar Pichai to employees in an email, which he posted this week publicly. The organizers of the protest, on the other hand, claim that Google overlooked various core requirements that they had put forward.

Pichai claimed that the firm will offer more clearness on how we mange concerns. We will offer better care and support to the people who lift them. And we will double down on our promise to be an equitable, representative, and respectful workplace. He comprised a summary of the new rules. Google also launched a file with more info about the rules, which meet a few but not all of the earlier requests.