Microsoft Procures XOXCO, An Conversational AI And Bot Development Firm

Microsoft Procures XOXCO, An Conversational AI And Bot Development Firm

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Microsoft has declared the acquirement of a conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) and bot development firm XOXCO for an unrevealed figure. XOXCO, based in Texas, has been making the route since 2013 in conversational AI and was accountable for the foundation of Howdy, the foremost commercially obtainable bot for Slack that assists in scheduling meetings.

In a statement, Corporate VP, Conversational AI at Microsoft, Lili Cheng, said, “It also created Botkit that offers the development tools utilized by numerous developers on GitHub. We, over the years, have associated with XOXCO and have been motivated by this effort.”

Conversational AI is rapidly turning out to be a means in which businesses connect with customers and employees—from making virtual assistants and revamping customer interactions to use the conversational assistants to assist the workers to interact and work better collectively.

As per to Gartner, “conversational artificial intelligence will be a backed user experience for over 50% of huge, consumer-centric enterprises by 2020.” The Microsoft Bot Framework, obtainable on GitHub and as a service in Azure, backs more than 360,000 developers at present.

Cheng said, “With this procurement, we are carrying on to realize our outlook of democratizing AI development, dialog & conversation, and incorporating conversational experiences where individuals communicate.”

Apart from this, Microsoft, over the past 6 Months, has made numerous strategic acquirements to speed up the AI development. In May, the attainment of Semantic Machines brought an innovative new stance to conversational AI.

In July, it purchased Bonsai to assist in decreasing the hurdles to AI development by merging machine teaching, simulation, and reinforcement learning. In September, the company procured Lobe, a firm that has developed a simple visual interface allowing anybody to create and apply AI and deep learning models rapidly, without writing code.

Additionally, Microsoft’s newest preview edition of it Power BI business analytics suite now comprises an extended range of AI abilities that will provide users new means to perform assignments using AI features.