Jeju Air Purchases 40 Boeing Airplanes For $4.4 Billion

Jeju Air Purchases 40 Boeing Airplanes For $4.4 Billion

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South Korea’s largest low-cost supplier, Jeju Air Co Ltd, brought 40 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts that has a price tag of $4.4 Billion, the airline claimed to the media in an interview. The agreement marks the largest deal by a South Korean supplier in numbers of a single aircraft model, the firm claimed further. The media reported previously this month that Jeju Air was in discussions with Airbus and Boeing to purchase 50 jets since the airline aimed to branch out its network that comprises one of the globe’s busiest routes.

The purchase deal comprises an alternative to purchase an extra 10 aircraft, claimed Jeju Air. The airline operator claimed that it aimed to take delivery of the aircrafts from 2022 to 2026. Almost 6 South Korean budget carriers witnessed the number of travelers employing international routes increase 4 times from 4.9 Million in 2013 to 20.3 Million in 2017, as per the transport ministry of South Korea.

On a related note, a Seattle-based startup supported by the business arms of JetBlue Airways Corp and Boeing aims to transport a tiny hybrid-electric aircraft in the market by the end of 2022 that can radically lower the travel cost and time of trips below 1,600 Km (1,000 Miles), it claimed this week to the media.

The 1st of various aircraft aimed by Zunum Aero might seat almost 12 travelers and be fueled by 2 electric motors. Electric-car batteries, such as those created by Panasonic Corp and Tesla Inc, might fuel the motor. A supplemental electrical generator and gas engine might be utilized to offer the plane a range of 700 Miles, chief aeronautic engineer and co-founder of the Kirkland, Matt Knapp, claimed to the media in an interview. A bigger plane seating of almost 50 travelers might follow at the end of the upcoming decade.