General Motors Declared About Launching Its e-Bikes In 2019

General Motors Declared About Launching Its e-Bikes In 2019

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General Motors—the automaker—revealed that it has planned to launch two new bikes in the market based on electric power in the year 2019. Both the bikes would come with some unique features; one with the compact and other will be folding. The company thought to take a step beyond its pre-established business of manufacturing and distribution of gas-powered automobiles.

The company has not provided much description regarding its upcoming e-bikes. However, the director of GM Urban Mobility Solutions, Hannah Parish hasn’t discussed the future business plans of GM related to the bikes. She didn’t describe how these bikes would look. However, the bikes would be stimulated by the company’s subscription-based communications that would make the bike smart and connected. As per the reports, front and rear rechargeable LED lights would be integrated into the bikes.

Parish told TechCrunch that people residing in cities have been looking for varieties of vehicles for transportation purposes. Due to overcrowding in the cities, the launch of e-bikes is supposed to be a great decision.

Still, GM hasn’t decided the name for the bikes. On Friday, the company has launched a campaign in which public would participate and help in deciding the names for e-bikes.

On Wednesday, the company revealed its earnings report for the third quarter. However, as per the expectations; the sale was not up to the mark. But it hiked the prices of the vehicles with an average of $500 per vehicle in the U.S. leading to higher earnings. The company’s sale was dropped by 14.3% and the revenue spurred by 6.3%, while at the time of premarket; it was hiked by 10%. The total revenue for Q3 reached $35.79 Billion.

GM said that sales of several heavy vehicles including GMC and Chevrolet truck models—High Country and Silverado LTZ, along with its latest off-road models that are AT4 crew cab crossed its expected sales.