Common Heart Condition Associated To Sudden Cardiac Death

Common Heart Condition Associated To Sudden Cardiac Death

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A team of scientists from University of Adelaide has discovered a connection between sudden cardiac death (when the heart abruptly stops working) and a normal heart condition dubbed as mitral valve prolapse that impacts almost 12 in each 1000 individuals all over the world.

In a study, posted in Heart, scientists analyzed over 7600 studies and discovered that 12% of victims of sudden cardiac death with no clear cause suffered from mitral valve prolapse. “Mitral valve prolapse is a situation in which the mitral valve (leaflets of the valve) that allows flow of blood from one chamber to other does not close evenly or smoothly, rather they swell upward into the heart’s left atrium,” claims Dr Rajiv Mahajan, lead researcher and Cardiologist at the Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders of University of Adelaide.

“Over the last few years, there have been different case studies connecting mitral valve prolapse with mysterious sudden cardiac death. On the other hand, the connection had not been verified,” claims Dr Mahajan.

On a related note, being physically fit can assist keep off heart issues, even if your genetics place you at greater jeopardy for clogged arteries, suggests a new research. The scientists looked at almost 500,000 older and middle-aged adults and discovered that those with higher levels of fitness were less expected to get heart disease in the course of 6 Years. And that was real even for users who had gene versions that lifted the odds of heart issues.

That does not indicate workout eliminates the impacts of genes, the scientists claimed. But if you do have an inherent susceptibility to heart disease, you are better off being fit physically. “It is expected that if you try to enhance your level of fitness via exercise, you will advantage,” claimed Dr. Erik Ingelsson, senior scientists and a professor at Stanford University for medicine in California, to the media in an interview.