Amazon Plans To Build Army Of Computer Engineers

Amazon Plans To Build Army Of Computer Engineers

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Amazon needs to get more children thinking about turning into computer engineers as the firm rolled out a program last week that plans to skill coding to over 10 Million candidates annually.

Amazon claimed that it will pay for teacher training, summer camps, and other programs to advantage young adults and children from low-revenue families who may not have taught to code.

Amazon refused to put a price label on the program, dubbed as Amazon Future Engineer, but claimed that it will take up a huge piece of the USD 50 Million that it promised to invest last year on computer science education.

Other companies, comprising Facebook and Microsoft, have also promised investment to convey coding to schools, which can ultimately advantage the firms. There is a shortfall of computer engineers, and skilling students to code will guarantee a pipeline of future talent to engage.

Speaking of Amazon, earlier the firm claimed that it has arranged model “smart” homes all over the U.S. for users to experience what it is like for Alexa to switch the TV on, dim the lights, or order other stuffs.

The launch highlights how Amazon plans to make more of Alexa and work on the increasing list of services by the company, from home security to entertainment & shopping, a daily fraction of users’ lives. It also increases the competition with vendors such as Best Buy Co Inc. that aim on advising shoppers and showcasing technology.

Being the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon claimed that it has joined hands with Lennar Corp. to change some of the model homes by home construction company into Alexa showrooms. The supposed “Amazon Experience Centers” are now operating in almost 15 cities comprising Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, with many more to launch.