Indian and Chinese Defense Secretaries In Talks About Setting Up Hotlines

Indian and Chinese Defense Secretaries In Talks About Setting Up Hotlines


Defense secretaries from India and China met on Tuesday in the capital to discuss the establishment of hotlines between the regional and central military headquarters of the two countries.

Beijing’s inflexibility against Pakistani terrorists, such as Masood Azhar, was also the apotheosis of the secretaries’ talks. India also articulated worry about China’s backing for the Pakistani organization, comprising Islamabad’s activities in Pakistan-taken Kashmir.

Sanjay Mitra, Defense Secretary and his Chinese counterpart, General Shao Yuan Ming, deputy head of the joint staff department at the People’s Liberation Army’s Central Military Commission, met a few months after the visit of Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, in India.

During the visit of the Chinese Defense Minister in last August, both sides decided to craft a new memorandum of understanding on cooperation and defense fairs, with India proposing the creation of more than one hotline, including among local commandos. During the meeting, both parties settled on to establish a hotline at the level of the Director General of Military Operations.

The Indian army maintained this telephone line amid its DGM and its equivalent in the People’s Liberation Army. But China had wished-for its command of the western theater go to India, its commander is committed to the Indian DGMO. India argued that the protocol should be followed.

The new Sino-Indian MOU will reinstate defense collaboration, signed in 2006, the two countries agreed to hold joint military exercises and regular military exchanges.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Defense Minister declared for talks amid China and India on certain issues stating differences amid two countries should turn out into disputes. Both the nations should value each other views and decode the concerns through transparent communication and form an alliance dedicated towards prosperity and peace, she added.

She also stated that issues such as border trades and disputes, defense issues can also be resolved through communication.