Another Production Facility Inaugurated By Mclaren In Sheffield

Another Production Facility Inaugurated By Mclaren In Sheffield

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, together with the crown prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain, legitimately inaugurated the second McLaren Automotive production facility in Sheffield.

The McLaren Composite Technology Center (MCTC) is Woking’s proven carbon fiber test facility and will be part of the company’s efforts to improve fuel efficiency and save weight.

Representatives of the Sheffield and Rotherham district councils, a number of important local stakeholders and the new facility of 50 people were present to be present at the inauguration of a fiberglass remembrance plaque.

Forty-five McLaren employees work closely with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (CDMA) at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with McLaren. This team is projected to grow to 200 members and is working to promote carbon fiber tub technology.

With McLaren’s facilities, the McLaren team produces pre-production versions of their “MonoCell” containers, which form the basis of the cars. Employees, therefore, already getting experience with construction processes, comprising new techniques and more automation. In addition, McLaren trains students to function in new facilities.

The tub production task is being outsourced to a company in Salzburg called Carbo Tech. Tub production will begin at the MCTC in 2019. British content for McLaren cars will spur by 50% to 58% with the use of tubs made in Sheffield. When the MCTC will be fully equipped, the tubs produced will be transported from Sheffield to the McLaren production facility in Woking for assembly in the completed vehicles.

“Second, and perhaps most prominently, it gives us the opportunity to persistently be trained from the development process, and when we crack a problem, we every time learn something new,” said Ken Smart, director of the MCTC project.

The new unit will also result in cost savings of approximately £ 10, according to McLaren leaders, and MCTC will possibly supply carbon fiber components for other companies.