A Tale Of Cyberbullying Mars French Media

A Tale Of Cyberbullying Mars French Media

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Cyberbullying is a very serious crime and a significant member of the French media, the Ligue du Lol, recently got entangled into it as a group of French journalists belonging to it were suspended as well as fired from their jobs after being allegedly involved in an online harassment case through a private group in Facebook.

The members of the LOL were guilty if targeting and mocking women, along with female journalists, by spreading jokes about them along with pornographic images that were created using photoshop. French daily Liberation’s editor, Alexandre Hervaud, was one among the many suspended. Multiple anonymous Twitter handles were created by the member of LOL and they used to write malicious content and harass writers, journalists, and activities, especially the females.

The perpetrator in chief of the act, Vincent Glad, who is also a freelancer working for Liberation, admitted that he created the group way back in 2009. He has now come forward and apologized, saying that it was completely uncalled for, especially when the ridiculing is done in packs.

Nora Bouazzouni, a senior journalist and a reported Lucile Bellamy along with Melanie Wanga, a famous podcaster was included in the target group. A major incident that triggered a lot of reaction was when Florence Porcelain, a science reporter came out saying that she was interviewed by an unknown person who posed as an editor for a news program that is pretty famous in France. She was interviewed for a job that was non-existent and then posted the recorded audio online through a public forum.

She said that this public shaming affected her immensely and she cried for 3 days. David Doucet, one of the main members of the group and editor of Les Inrockuptibles has confessed of being responsible for it and has an apology to Ms. Porcel. The minister of digital affairs in France, Mounir Mahjoubi, has condemned the act by the journalists and branded them as losers, who took the wrong decision of mocking people and being under the impression of being powerful enough to get away with it.